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HARI TV officially inaugurated its corporate office and studio complex on 19th October 2016 and It's corporate office in Krishnagiri in the state of Tamil Nadu. HARI TV is telecasting in Krishnagiri Including Bargur, Kaveripattinam, Uthangarai and Pochampalli Taluk Above 350 Villages With 5. 1 High Quality Of HD Videos.
Hari TV titled as the best television channel in broadcasting local updates fast, we have no alliance or support for any political party in the country.In the day of new year we broadcasted around 720 new year wishes from local organizations and vendors, on the day of pongal we broadcasted the cultural festival.We had the wonderful opportunity of telecasting cultural sports which happened that day, on the day of women's day (08 / 03 / 2017) we broadcasted the interviews of 32 aspiring women around krishnagiri.
Our Vision/Mission is to enrich people's lives with informative, educative and entertainment prograsms and lead through the moral path and To be the most effective, creative and value based organization in the world.
HARI TV Conduct Many Awareness Programmes In Krishnagiri Which We Followed By Various Calibration. Government Exams And These Programme Will Help To Youngster To Provide Model Question Papers.


TACTV Channel No:64
VK Digital Channel No:114
SCV Channel No:201
TCCL Channel No:155
Akshaya Channel No:103

Hari TV was inaugurated on the day of 19/10/2016, it is being the part of the Hari Media from that day, we are providing good service to the people and businesses with the motto of (being simple, innovative and fun), To take your business to the next level and to advertise your products and services for an affordable price please contact us, We can also telecast your family festivals live in our channel. We are running a special program called Nammur scientist to help and support school students by telecasting their collections, we have received around 1000 photographers already in this special program, Namma Veetu Kalyanam is a weekend show that airs every sunday which telecasts a wedding’s highlights each week around krishnagiri.
We have organized a program with top teachers and professors for supporting HSC students to perform well in their exams and to score 100 out of 100 in mathematical exam.

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